Yes, you’ve heard those words before. Perhaps many times. Did you respond politely, smile, and say thank you or did you give the feedback serious consideration? Why did that person acknowledge or even praise you? Did you take the time to consider, and reflect upon, the areas in which you are truly unique? More importantly, have you accepted them and taken ownership over them? (This is one area I run into regularly in coaching – people feeling they aren’t as good as other people say they are.)

Here’s a few who had unique skills – Leonardo Da Vinci, Beethoven, Van Gough, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Steve Jobs.

Each one invented or created things we use, listen to, or enjoy and enrich our lives.

Most of us will not have our names on that type of a list. However, YOU are on someone’s list where you have, or are, making a tremendous difference.

Thomas Edison stated, “If we did all the things we’re capable of, we literally astound ourselves.” I believe there is truth to that statement.

Study your skills to reveal what you are suited to do.

Are you good at:

  • Using Numbers and formulas
  • Designing complex structures or equipment
  • Painting beautiful artworks
  • Creating beautiful music
  • Resolving conflict and creating peaceful environments
  • Teaching or coaching others and increasing their skills
  • Motivating and inspiring others

Perhaps you check the boxes in a number of those categories.

An important question to ask yourself as you come out of the pandemic is – “Now what?”. What will you continue doing, or is there a change in direction required and is now the time to do it?

Think of where you can best use your gifts, talents, abilities, and passions. You know you’re using them when time flies by, you get lost in your work, you finish a project or task energized and inspired, or don’t want to put the tools down.

Look back over your life to see what you have consistently done well. Was there a point where your success and affections revealed your unique talents and abilities? If you can identify that point, then as much as possible, stay there!

Get into your sweet spot and work from there. Those you interact with and serve, will be the beneficiaries of your abilities and unique talents. You will also be much happier and fulfilled and effective.

You don’t have to “fake it till you make it”. Take ownership over your abilities, act and behave in a way that reveals who and what you are – the genuine you!