*Crazy Leaders haven’t lost their minds or “gone off the deep end”. They see things differently and are passionate about leading and inspiring others to a higher level of thinking and more fulfilled level of living.
Status quo oriented peers such as managers and power hoarder’s – aka non-leaders, write them off or try to discredit them. (That’s usually the first indication they are on the right path)
What they do:

  • They have a vision for change and transformation that benefits the majority
  • They are willing to make others uncomfortable
  • They have a deep-seated belief they can have an impact and make a difference
  • They are indomitable optimists and change agents
  • They are not satisfied with the status quo
  • They push themselves first, and then others, to new and higher levels of thinking and acting
  • They apply innovative and challenging approaches to tackle problems
  • They leverage existing strengths to gain strategic advantage and achieve quick wins

*Crazy is defined as “mentally deranged” or “extremely enthusiastic”. I’m obviously referring to the second.
“One of the temptations of a leader is that he may use his powerful position to settle scores with his detractors, marginalize them, and in certain cases get rid of them. A leader must keep the forces together, but you can’t do that unless you allow dissent. People should even be able to criticize the leader without fear or favour.” ~ Nelson Mandela