You As The Product©

Strengthen your personal brand, achieve your career aspirations and fulfill your potential with this free ebook from Ralph Kison, a leader in strategy, coaching, consulting and sales development to the AEC sector,

The Product Is You!

Thinking of yourself as a product competing for a customer’s loyalty, securing market share, gaining prominence and a top position in your industry is a unique and powerful way to create a personal development and promotion plan.

You As The Product© is ideal for you if you are in the middle of a career transition, seeking your next job opportunity or simply wanting to improve or strengthen your personal brand to achieve your career aspirations and fulfill your potential.

You As The Product
Ralph Kison
Drawing on his coaching expertise Ralph Kison empowers you to:
  • View yourself as a ‘’product’’ that is in a competition to find the best job.
  • Identify and overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs.
  • Develop strategies to market and promote yourself.
  • Improve your current employment situation or secure a new or better job.
  • Develop a product improvement and development plan.
  • Identify your strengths, talents and abilities in order to capitalize on them.

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