Don’t “fake it till you make it” instead, act and behave like it – so you become it.
The body language of a leader speaks volumes whether he or she is aware of it or not. The truism “actions speak louder than words” still applies.
If you lead a company, department or project team, or if you coach a kids soccer team or lead in any other volunteer role, the following guidelines will help you become a more powerful and authentic communicator.
How your body communicates:

  • Head: Thinks, envisions, imagines and evaluates.
  • Mouth: Speaks words of direction, motivation and purpose.
  • Eyes: See the impact, actions, and reactions (+/-) of what you communicate and do.
  • Ears: Hear the words, cadence and tone of responses.
  • Face: It’s either a yes or no face based on all your voluntary or unconscious responses. See previous blog on this topic: Do You Have a Yes or No Face?
  • Hands: Motion and gesture providing punctuation and emphasis to your words.
  • Heart: Shares your emotions, feelings and compassion. It creates connection and trust.
  • Gut: Reveals your intuition. It’s the 6th sense that leads to creating deep connections.
  • Feet: They move you away from danger and challenge towards stability and safety.

Successful leaders remain focused on their desired outcomes and are aware of what their entire being is communicating and the behaviors they need to employ to achieve success. They act with purpose and intention rather than by accident and are cognizant of their responsibility for the successes or failure of those they lead.
Deafness has left me acutely aware of both the duplicity that language is capable of and the many expressions the body cannot hide. – Terry Galloway