Ralph serves as a consultant and advisor, providing organizations and their leaders with fresh perspective and objective insights that lead to unique and innovative approaches to advance the organization.

Ralph guides organizations through the exploration, evaluation and pursuit of new avenues to success. He facilitates the examination of existing practices, common assumptions and behaviours to create new levels of self-awareness, vision and confidence across the entire organization.

Common outcomes include a clearly defined purpose; organizational alignment; increased engagement and maximization of the organization’s greatest resource – its employees!


Starting Point

The typical symptoms of an organization that require the services of a specialist consultant include the following:

  • The awareness that something isn’t working relating to organizational structure, values, culture and employee engagement and contribution.
  • The need for more effective and engaged leadership.
  • Lack of organizational clarity, focus and purpose.
  • Underperformance and a lack of achieving goals and objectives.
  • Dissatisfaction with current performance of leadership and management.
  • Low levels of employee engagement and contribution.
  • Senior leadership misalignment and lack of common goals.
  • No clear path for knowledge and skills transfer to future leaders to build competence, skill, and knowledge.
  • Low engagement and contribution from employees.
  • Inability to retain the brightest and the best talent to ensure long term success and profitability.
  • Poor reputation and brand perception in the market.

Ralph facilitates an organizational evaluation process beginning with a visioning session to assess the existing culture, practices and alignment amongst leadership. From there, vision, mission and core values are defined which provide clarity and create a foundation from which the organization can operate.

Outcomes include aligned leadership and management teams and increased employee engagement via the application of behavioral standards and practices.



Ralph will serve as an advisor to develop strategies and resources in the following areas:

  • Creation or revision of the corporate strategic plan including the vison, mission and values.
  • Organizational audits including SWOT, employee/job fit, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • Creation of, or revising, core values and guiding principles to define the organizational culture.
  • Brand message and value proposition definition.
  • Sales and customer engagement process and systems evaluation and refinement.
  • Staff development and engagement strategy.
  • Employee job description and core competency development.
  • Sales and customer service and contact systems evaluation.
  • Strategies to increase client engagement to maximize customer and market share.


As a result of Ralph’s consulting services, companies realize sustainable change and growth, higher levels of performance and increased organizational alignment and effectiveness through increased employee engagement and retention.

“’When we have individuals in presentations who are builders, not necessarily presenters, Ralph has a way of getting them to speak comfortably with confidence. The presentations come across as a natural conversation with all individuals speaking to their strengths rather than appearing overly pre-rehearsed.”

~ Kerry Gillis, COO
Ledcor Construction Ltd