Are you chasing after someone else’s definition of ‘success’?

If you don’t have your own description of success, relating to goals you’d like to achieve, things you aspire to do, or the type of person you want to be, you might be pursuing things that once obtained or accomplished, don’t satisfy you.

Some common career ‘successes’ people chase after are:

  • A High-Paying Position
  • A Position of Authority / Influence
  • A Position with a Prestigious Company or Job Title

Before you set out to achieve these things, ask yourself why you want to achieve them.

  • Is it to impress other people?
  • Is it something you feel you’re ‘expected’ to do?
  • Are you pursuing the position itself or just the perceived ‘benefits’?

An alternative definition of success may relate to your overall quality of life.

Consider the following:

  • Why do you REALLY want the role?
  • Has a role or title brought fulfillment in the past? (What about it filled your tank beyond the money?)
  • Is this position or role worth the effort it will require from you? (What sacrifices must be made to achieve it?)
  • Does the job align with your talents, skills, experience, and abilities?
  • Will the role make you stretch and help you grow? (This can be good!)

My hope is that you’ll decide based on what’s right for you to ensure your long-term happiness and fulfillment. Remember, its often easier to get into something than to exit it if you’ve discovered you made the wrong choice.