We’re all Zooming and Teaming in an effort to stay in touch, connect and get things done in the safest and most efficient manner possible. So, how do we compensate for the lack of human connection by sitting at the boardroom table or hanging out in the kitchen and chatting with a colleague? Looking into a camera on our computer and seeing our colleagues the size of postage stamp just isn’t the same as being together, but that’s all we have for the moment, so let’s improve our connection.

Here’s a few insights and suggestions of what I’ve discovered as ways to improve our virtual meetings.

  • Face-to-face communication is better than voice only to deal with complex, challenging, or relational issues.
  • Facial and body expression only improves the exchange of information and increases comprehension.
  • Seeing each other:
    • Contributes to building, maintaining, and reinforcing corporate culture especially during COVID restrictions.
    • Helps send visual messages and signals that build corporate brand, trust, culture, leadership, and maintain professional standards.
  • Always use your camera when connecting virtually.
    • You wouldn’t walk into a colleague’s office and stand behind a curtain and talk to them so why would you on a virtual meeting?
  • If you are a leader or manager, politely ask/tell individuals to turn on their cameras.
  • Set corporate guidelines for working remotely as part of normal business.
    • Use ring lights, microphones, and webcams to improve quality of calls and connection.
    • Maximize internet speed to improve connection and reduce or eliminate dropped calls.

What’s working for you? Share your ideas and suggestions.

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” ~ Paulo Coelho