There is a powerful relationship between self-discipline and self-worth. The ability to take action on an idea, intuition, or simply something on your task list can be gratifying or potentially transformational. The best time to act is normally when the idea hits you and when your emotion is strong. Taking action when the emotion and optimism surrounding the idea are at their peak is a major factor in achieving success. The longer you wait, the more likely that your insights, creativity and motivation decrease. Wait a week, month or year, and in most cases you won’t try, or worse, you’ll feel the guilt and perhaps even self-loathing of having procrastinated.
It takes wisdom to appreciate the urgency that our days are numbered without feeling stressed or panicked. But rather use self-discipline to know what matters and make each day count. Take action and apply the necessary discipline when you feel the strongest and most positive about the idea or opportunity. Self-discipline enables you to leverage your experience, insight and wisdom to achieve success.
Self-worth is an amazing positive outcome associated with self-discipline. When you feel good about yourself because you are accomplishing things, your self-esteem increases. The better you feel about yourself, the greater the probability of tackling the next issue, leveraging the momentum you’ve built, or stepping up and taking on an even greater challenge. To be clear, achieving success is not all about feeling good or psyching yourself up using hollow self-affirmations; it’s about applying proven techniques and that enable you to make the necessary changes to grow and improve.
One more important factor – don’t give into temptation. Rather than pull back and coast when you achieve success and accomplish your goals, make the level of activity and thinking that got you there the new normal. Instead of sliding back into old habits or mindsets, develop the mental toughness and determination to do your best all the time. A simple example of how this works is when you apply self-discipline and go to the gym for a work-out when you don’t feel like it or want to. The benefit is walking out afterwards, energized and feeling good about yourself and what you’ve achieved. Most of us have to push beyond inertia and apathy to achieve greater levels of success or to become reengaged in positive activities and attitudes.
Commit to taking action. Select one thing you can start and complete in the next 30 minutes or one hour. Block out distractions and focus solely on that task and see it through to completion. Apply the necessary self-discipline and you will see your self-worth and effectiveness increase dramatically.
If you need more convincing, take a look at this previous blog I wrote on how to be more successful by setting realistic goals and objectives.