Procrastination, we are all guilty of it some days. I wrote about this subject in a previous blog post – It takes wisdom and perspective to appreciate that our days are numbered without feeling stressed or panicked. It also requires the awareness that every day is important and should be used to engage in activities that make a difference and have a positive impact.
One of the most powerful examples I have heard regarding this concept is the story of John and Jim Harbaugh. They are 2 brothers, who reached the pinnacle of their career at the same time, coaching against each other in Super Bowl XLVII. What are the chances of that happening? Pretty low. Who won the game here is irrelevant, at one level, but how they got there is inspiring. It definitely wasn’t luck or knowing the right people that got them there! But rather they used each day as a gift, they worked hard, they followed their hearts and their visions, they put forth their very best!! Their dad, Jack Harbaugh, was also a football coach during John and Jim’s childhood and what Jack would say to his boys each morning as they left for the day “Attack today with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.” What if we attacked today with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind? It takes self-discipline but imagine the possibilities – The sky is the limit! Now go, do something!