Success is not achieved by goal setting alone. Many people set ambitious goals but do not move the needle.

Lasting success is achieved by having goals that are supported with an action plan, measurable objectives and supporters or accountability partners to keep you on track.

Begin with the end in mind. Stephen Covey

Planning starts by setting SMARTER goals, and being accountable

You’ve likely come across the SMART acronym but perhaps without the E and R. These two letters, and the words they represent, make the goal setting process more powerful and personally rewarding. For example, your manager or boss can set a “SMART” goal for you and hold you accountable for attaining the objective using positive rewards or negative consequences as the so-called motivation. Beyond the goals your boss mandates and rewards, only you can set goals that are personally motivating at a deep and intrinsic level.

Here’s the key to making this work for you. Identify your top 5 goals that are not only rewarding in terms of potential financial and career success, but also ones that inspire you to work with passion, enthusiasm and effort because of the personal satisfaction and fulfillment they promise.

Test each goal you set against the SMARTER formula by asking yourself is it:


  • Is there a clearly stated objective or outcome?


  • What are the metrics that will indicate success and achievement?


  • With effort and the right resources, can the goal be achieved?


  • Are you dreaming and hoping, or are you grounded in what can actually be achieved?

Tied to Goals and a Time Frame

  • The goal aligns with what your performance and success is measured against including a time frame.


  • Are you excited and motivated to achieve the goal?


  • Will the achievement satisfy you beyond the money or recognition?

Only YOU can add the E and the R!

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Antoine de Saint-Exupery