What game are you playing? Is it all about short term, quarterly outcomes or long-term transformational impact?

Being tactical and clever allows you to meet corporate targets. Short term wins are important, required and can serve as steppingstones to bigger and more significant outcomes. The risk is if you get too caught up in the short game, you will have no long game. As a leader, at any level, and with title or without, are you aiming high enough and dreaming big enough?

To be a difference maker and put a dent in the universe, you must aim high, really high. That means having an infinite vision. That of course means you will never fully arrive because infinity is not a destination. It’s all about the journey, an iterative and ever evolving one that you have the ability to shape and implement.

You can be an infinite minded leader by:

  • Focusing on a cause and purpose that transcends hitting quantitative goals only
  • Being a transformational leader that creates willing and engaged followers
  • Creating a community of Blue Water leaders who are “Challengers” that improve, innovate and regenerate their environment
  • Leveraging the COVID crisis as an opportunity to advance and innovate while others retreat
  • Building a team or an organization that is resilient, inspired and future focused
  • Having the courage to lead based on your convictions, principles and values

Traditional competition forces us to take on an attitude of winning. A Worthy Rival inspires us to take on an attitude of improvement. ~ Simon Sinek