How not to lead – Part two

Back in February, I wrote an article on “how not to lead” and it received a lot of attention so I decided to write Part two.

Which mask are you wearing? We all wear masks. We have every day masks, special events, public, private – you get the picture. Which one do you wear most of the time?


The real thing – is that you?

Through my coaching, I have witnessed people wrestle with first discovering who and what they are, and then accepting what they discovered and applying it in an authentic manner. How does this relate to masks? I find most people actually struggle with presenting their real self. Often they feel they must be who and what others expect them to be often sacrificing or hiding their real person who has unique talents, skills and gifts. The problem with wearing a false mask is that it affects engagement, contribution and personal fulfillment.


Rather than using constructive feedback to overcome a situation that you disapprove of, offer you employees a gesture as to imply disapproval, and don’t indicate what they have done wrong, they will learn most from this experience in trying to figure out what you are unhappy about.


Your organization and team is most efficient when 1 person makes all of the decisions. It avoids disagreement and let’s be honest, too many cooks in the kitchen never ends well. You have reached your leadership position because of your success and accomplishments, you have more experience, your team should follow you and learn by watching you.


Everyone is not created equal, which is why there are different levels of positions. We have to treat everyone differently so you have to be inconsistent in order to deal with various situations and employees.

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