We typically pay more and receive greater value when we select someone with experience.

Their experience has taken years to develop typically through education, trial and error, resets, retrying and refining.

Generally speaking, when we pay for experience, we get better results, efficiency, higher quality, the right solution the first time and often added value – that’s just part of the deal!

When we go with inexperience to save some money, we get to enable and fund the development process for someone who’s learning. That’s not all bad as long as we accept the result we receive.

What we shouldn’t do is complain about how bad the service, product, experience, or outcome was when we got a great “deal”. You get to decide if paying for someone to learn is what you want to do.

The reality is that we often end up paying much more in the long run to get a problem solved or going to another provider because the first person was just not capable of delivering.

Pay now or pay later. Either way you pay.