Positive thinking advocates and self-help gurus often boldly state that you can be anyone or become anything you want to. I disagree.

Think about it. An acorn cannot become a palm tree. A whale cannot become a monkey. If you are an analytical, highly technical person and prefer to work alone on projects, you’re not going to apply for a position as a concierge in a hotel. You may be intelligent enough to be able to do the job, but the emotional and relational energy required to do it consistently, and at a high-level, will likely overwhelm and exhaust you.

Similarly, if you are an outgoing, people-oriented extrovert, applying for a job where you must work alone and focus on tasks and details all day, will likely crush you.

Here are four questions to help you evaluate what you may want to address relating to a role or job that enables you to become the best you.

Question 1. What tasks or activities do you immerse yourself in and lose track of time, and find totally fulfilling and enriching?

Question 2. What comes naturally and easily to you? It may be something technical and task-focused, or it may be relational and people-focused. This may be your area of “gifting”.

Question 3. What do you feel “CALLED” to do? What inspires, motivates, or moves you at a deep personal level leading to a desire to bring about positive change for others such as clients, family, friends, or your community?

Question 4. What do friends, family, and colleagues frequently comment about relating to a natural skill and ability you possess? (Maybe they are trying to tell you something or giving you clues.)

OK, your turn. Reflect on the questions and your answers to identify what you could or should focus on in your current role to be more fulfilled and have impact or find something you’re better suited for.

Be realistic and select one item you will commit to work on for the next 30 days to see how it goes.

As the adage goes “You’ll get further ahead by moving one item ahead by a foot, than 10 things by an inch.”

You’ll become the best “you” by doing what you do best.