The process of developing new skills can be messy at times, but worth it when you master them.

Think back to when you or someone you know was learning to ride their bike. Chances are good the first few tries weren’t exactly ‘graceful’. Additionally, some start out with training wheels until they gain the familiarity they need to ride with confidence.

Giving up after a few falls or worrying about the comments from the neighborhood kids or your siblings about your ‘training wheels’ isn’t an option if you want to learn to ride a bike.

This example is a great analogy for situations you encounter in your career.

As you advance into new positions, and inherit new levels of responsibility, you may experience fears about your abilities or how others will perceive you as you settle into the role. You can’t let that stop you!

Getting good at something often means revealing weaknesses others wouldn’t see if you simply ‘kept the bike in the shed’. Remember, your weaknesses won’t last forever. At some point, your willingness to step up and step out will pay off in greater levels of confidence, competence, skill and respect from others.

Don’t allow what others think to prevent you from learning the skills you need to advance.

Once you get good, you’ll likely look good too!


Learn continually – there’s always “one more thing” to learn! ~ Steve Jobs