There’s a true story of a young king who inherits his father’s kingdom after his death. He has two paths to consider to be a wise ruler – seek the perspective and insight of the elders, or get advice from his friends. He starts by speaking with the elders and they provide him perspective and insight based on a lifetime of trial and error, success and failure and hard-earned experience. Next, he goes to his peers. These are his young and equally privileged buddies who tell him to do the opposite of what the elders recommended. The story ends with his poor choices costing him most of his kingdom.
Future leaders, and even current leaders, need people they can trust to get the unvarnished truth and even hard counsel when required. The sources today are still the same as the young kings’; those with age and experience and those who are still learning. BTW – the “old guys” were also young once. That’s easy to forget when we only use age as the criteria of evaluation and input.
We all start at the same point – young and inexperienced, having goals, ambitions and dreams. That’s the common thread that unites and connects us.
Today there are countless sources and voices providing perspective, insight and truth. Sources include the ad that you can skip in 10 seconds of a guy with his big house or Italian sports car who only 2 years ago was living in a basement suite and is now a multimillionaire and only works 4 hours a week, or the grey haired/ no-haired guy trying to sell you all of his programs.
Both may have interesting and potentially valuable perspectives to offer, just be careful before jumping in. If you’re searching for powerful and relevant resources you’ll likely need to evaluate several to help you accelerate your growth. That’s where the wisdom likely resides.
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