Do you act or wait? Do you speak or avoid the issue because it may make you and the other person uncomfortable? Do you intervene when your gut is screaming “do something” or turn away and think someone else will do something and then try to deal with your conscience when things went wrong because no one stepped in? We all face these tough choices every day. They happen at work, in the mall, at home, in a relationship, at school, at a party….everywhere. It’s not about hoping they won’t happen, it’s all about knowing what you can do and how to respond when they do happen.
To respond appropriately, consider what informs your decisions and actions when you are not under pressure and facing tough decisions. Do you have a moral or ethical code that anchors you and determines how you will respond? Do you subscribe to the “live and let live” philosophy and believe that everything happens for a reason and it all works out in the end, or do you think that one small seemingly inconsequential action or word could make a big difference? I can’t tell you what to do, or when to do it, but I can encourage you to consider what will help you make better decisions in the coming year that will benefit you and those around you.
Reflect on these three questions to create a foundation that will keep you grounded during a crisis or difficult situation and moving ahead full steam when things are going well.
1. What do I value?
• What are the values beliefs and principles that govern how I act and respond? Is it all about me or do I care about others and their well-being as much or even more than my own?
2. What is my hill to die on?
• What do I believe in so strongly that I’m prepared to risk everything for? Do I have a moral compass that defines my True North.? Does it encourage and honour others?
3. Do my actions say more than my words?
• Does the truism “after all is said and done, more is said than done” describe me? Or am I known as a man/woman of my word? Is my word my bond?
In 2015 become a person who is a difference maker and someone that makes an impact and leaves a situation better than you found it. Be known as someone that is better to have on the team than as a spectator; someone that provides valuable and insightful perspective and someone that judges less and encourages more.
The principles and values you use to make decisions will define you, your organization, team and relationships in 2015.
“I had no choice,” actually means, “I had only one path that was easy in the moment.” Seth Godin