Feelings can be overrated and are even your enemy at times.
I recently came back from a trip where I had been delivering a series of full day workshops and then doing my “day job” in the hotel room in the evening – many of you can relate to this scenario. When the alarm went early the next morning and I really didn’t want to go to the gym for the session with my trainer, I was laying there thinking about how I could have rescheduled the session or called in “sick”. Well, I did go and my trainer added more weights than in previous sessions and put me through a more strenuous workout. Interestingly, I left the session feeling energized, more flexible and stronger. I was glad I didn’t let my feelings direct my decision.
You may be able to relate to my story or you may be applying this to your own life and applying it to a different activity. It may relate to starting or completing a project; signing up for a course that will get you a promotion; completing your degree; calling an angry client and making things right. Perhaps it is personal and you need to say sorry or mend a broken relationship with a friend or family member?
Things change and improve when we act in spite of how we feel. Emotions can trip us up and cause us not to do the right thing, even when we know what should happen deep down inside. Be aware of it when you have that “gut” sense or intuition of what to do in spite of how you feel.
We only experience significant growth when we confront our fears and take action.