In a recent vlog I discussed the important idea of “showing up” at an event, gathering or meeting and being present and fully engaged beyond using the event as a photo-opp.
I’ve received positive feedback on the vlog so I’m adding a few more suggestions for how you can show-up, be present and have impact.
This is an important topic as you position yourself to become a thought-leader and someone people seek to follow and know more about. Showing up also enables you to build and enhance your personal brand and reputation.
Tips for showing up and having impact:

  1. Ask intelligent questions. Listen to what others are saying and ask relevant questions that allow the conversation to go deeper and become more meaningful and rich in context.
  2. Personal presence. Be aware of your body language – eye contact, hand shake, posture, and clothing. Ensure people notice you because you stand out and attract their interest based on putting the best and most appropriate “you” forward.
  3. Be interesting. Have something and relevant to contribute based on your vocation, area of expertise, studies or experience. Share your insights about an interesting article, podcast or blog you just saw and provide one big idea that may be of value to those you’re chatting with.
  4. Bring positive energy. Don’t be afraid to step-up and inject some of your passion into the discussion. People view those who are passionate and engaged contributors as being more valuable and appealing.

Click here to view the vlog for additional perspective on this topic.
If you don’t show up someone else will!