No running
I came across this sign during a walk earlier this year and pondered how to interpret it? Does it only apply when the water is frozen, or do I need “walk on water” shoes? Perhaps the water has risen to cover the sidewalk, or is there a vital piece of information missing? If I took a photo of this sign now, there would be a wooden deck connecting the posts where swimmers launch into the water and the words of caution make perfect sense.
What about your instructions? Are they always complete and easy to follow or is vital information or the supporting structure missing?
We are all guilty at times of moving too fast, or focusing on the next task and issue at hand that we often don’t close the loop and include all the necessary information. What about you, do you give Lego or Ikea instructions?

Rather than have your employees, customers or family try to find the missing information, do a quick mental check of what is required to act or complete the task without leaving them guessing or hoping they understand what to do. We are all more effective and successful when the requirements and expectations are clearly defined.
Appearance blinds, whereas words reveal. Oscar Wilde