“The ability to move a client from interest to commitment rests on the quality of the sales presentation.” – Ralph Kison

The purpose of a sales presentation
Most of us, either in the role of customer or professional buyer, have encountered so-called sales people that are nothing more than professional visitors. Simply stated – the prime reason for a sales presentation is to present your products or services in a professional manner; demonstrate the most relevant options that provide value and address the client’s requirements, needs, wants or desires. That’s it!
An effective sales presentation informs, educates, inspires and motivates the client to take action. A presentation involves more than just stating the features, advantages and benefits of your proposed approach. It requires knowledge, energy, skill, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help the client arrive at a well-considered decision – one that will result in true value. A powerful sales presentation demonstrates unique value, has impact, and creates a positive perception of you and your service and product in the client’s mind.
An effective Sales presentation…

  • Is client, not self-focused. (It’s not about you!)
  • Impacts the client at both an emotional and logical level.
  • Addresses buying motivators – facts, feelings, needs, wants, desires, and concerns identified during the qualifying process.
  • Is tailored to demonstrate benefits and create value for the client.
  • Bridges the gap between the client’s needs, wants, desires and engaging you and your company.
  • Highlights your unique skills and expertise in a way that builds trust between the client and you.
  • Requires knowledge, energy, skill, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help the client to arrive at a well considered decision.

Before your next sales presentation, ask yourself the question “would I buy from me based on what I am presenting?” If the answer is no, cancel the meeting until you have a compelling message to present. You may have to turn off the TV and stay up later to rework or refine your presentation. If you are really struggling, get a mentor or sales coach to help you improve and refine your presentation until it is polished and genuine. Be sure you sell with integrity and can deliver value.
Remember your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them and are committed to helping them.