What you have achieved and who you have become may be praise worthy and notable, but what you’ve learned matters more.
Reflecting upon, and celebrating achievements, past and present is a good thing. That makes life rich and fulfilling. However, when we live in the past and replay past performances to impress or inspire others, it wears thin fast. That may also be an indication of not accepting today’s reality, challenges and opportunities for further growth.
What you’ve done:

  • Past achievements are no guarantee of a repeat performance. (There are many one hit wonders)
  • Wise decisions don’t guarantee future ones
  • Last year’s sales results won’t necessarily be repeated – try anyway
  • Old technology – equipment and ideas – stop working at some point
  • Past success stories become boring if you have nothing new to share

Who you’ve become:

  • Ethical and moral shortcuts are not acceptable – the new you operates from a higher standard
  • Principles and values you live by are your True North
  • You’re not focused on obtaining praise from others. Your standards and benchmarks rise because it matters to you
  • New practices and ethics drive your decisions
  • People comment, and compliment, your results because of their positive impact on others and the organization

Don’t beat yourself up for what you haven’t done or should have done, extend grace to yourself, and others, and strive to do better when you mess up or make a mistake.
Strive to incorporate what you have learned intellectually, relationally and culturally to ensure your new knowledge, insight and skills carry over and impact everything you do.
It’s not about what you are, it’s all about who you are.
Who are you?