Have you ever worked, or currently work for a leader that is just too cool? (I don’t mean hip and a style maven) He or she is always just a bit removed from the situation or issue and doesn’t ever fully engage or reveal their feelings and show emotions. Do you trust them? Do you believe they are invested and contributing?
Many leaders and senior managers have been trained to supress their emotions and feelings, focus on minimizing risk and being in control at all times. The problem with that approach is that over time employees and colleagues learn to distance themselves, not share their feelings and withhold information for fear of negative repercussions. Being the ‘Boss’ can create a barrier between you and your team. It’s almost impossible to trust someone who is always serious, and controlled. As a leader, if you want to secure the trust of your employees, peers and bosses, present yourself as being open, approachable and having depth as it relates to personal relationships, compassion and empathy. Is your body language sending the same signal as your words? It’s OK to share your concerns and doubts about issues and decisions. It actually makes you more real. Even after you make a decision and it’s not trending the way you hoped or expected, you can reassess, refocus and make a course correction.
You can be “dead right” but be completely wrong if you don’t’ get support and buy-in from your team and colleagues.