If I am honest with myself, and you with yourself, we’ll likely both arrive at the conclusion that in spite of any past dreaming, scheming, goal setting, hoping, planning, or stating – “This time it will be different” (feel free to add your own example as this can become a vey long list), nothing meaningful happens until some kind of major change takes place. This change must be initiated by me, and you, if it is to have meaning, impact and bring about a positive transformation.
Major change can also be triggered by others usually in the form of being fired or a life threatening event or illness which causes a “wake-up call” that jolts us into action.
Change requires a deep-seated commitment to do more than just make things tolerable. Change is essential and must be based on a new way of thinking and acting.  It may require a reassessment, or abandonment of long-held values and opinions. This can feel threatening especially if you don’t understand the tenets and beliefs that under-gird what you claim to believe in and why they matter.
If we live or operate based on “tradition”, which can represent the entrenchment of bad ideas and beliefs that are no longer relevant given our current state or situation, three actions and mindsets are required to bring about change – Rejection, Opportunism and Innovation.
The practice of initiating or causing significant change through the disruption or alteration of existing actions and behaviours or beliefs.
The ability to capitalize on positive or negative changes if planned for or unexpected.
The practice of causing new, logical, and disruptive ideas or practices that address past problems or challenges and establish new and higher standards.
If nothing changes, nothing happens nor does the view change.
Select a current challenge or opportunity, and consider which of the three, or all of them, can be applied to bring about significant change and progress.
You must decide if you like what you’re looking at enough to remain static. However, if you desire a better view, metaphorically or literally, and a better, richer, fuller and more exciting life, it will involve some major action and energy on your part. Ready to start?

We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better. ~ C. JoyBell C.