One of the main reasons people don’t grow, improve or achieve their goals is they’re not accountable.
It is actually quite simple, too simple for some, to the point that they don’t even bother trying. They believe things must be more complicated and challenging to succeed or change.
Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it is easy. Easy, is not the word that comes to mind for most that put in the effort required to achieve success in business, life, relationships, good health, etc. Achieving success usually requires hard work. Hard work does not exclusively imply physical effort or a state of exhaustion.  Hard work also relates to commitment, focus and persistence required to achieve an outcome.
I listened to Michael Phelps present at the conference in NYC last fall. Michael stated emphatically that his success – being the most decorated Olympian of all time, came not because he was “lucky” but because he was determined to win and made himself accountable to his coach.
He made the point that when others were in bed sleeping or taking the weekend off from practicing, he was in the pool – every single day. That included Christmas, Thanksgiving and holidays. He didn’t miss a day in 6 years! He stated “I was prepared to shred anyone I was competing against”.
Michael was accountable to his coach, and, he was accountable to himself. Ultimately, the greatest and most important place of commitment resides within you!

Improve your success by:

  1. Get an accountability buddy
  2. Hire a coach
  3. Write down your goals and aspirations and share them with someone that will check-in and challenge you if required
  4. Make a public declaration of your intent – a staff meeting, on your blog, annual goals list, a family kitchen talk, your book club members, …
  5. Change your habits – (Research indicates it takes 66 days)
  6. Get angry enough with yourself to no longer tolerate your negative self-talk
  7. Surround yourself with positive and emotionally healthy and stable role models. (You become who you look up to or associate with for better or worse.)

“If you are prepared you can get what you want. If you don’t prepare, you get what you deserve” ~ Michael Phelps