Many of the best sales people and Rainmakers I know end up moving into management and leadership roles. Why is that? I’m convinced that their passion and drive as well as the communication and relationship building skills required for selling are key attributes for success as a leader. In other words, the skill set for Rainmaking is the same one required to lead people and organizations and stay connected with clients or customers.
As you reach new levels of success, it is wise to reflect on what got you to that place. Although new skills and knowledge are always required to advance, many of the core skills that are associated with being a great Rainmaker remain constant. Use the passion, experience and knowledge you used to make a sale and get buy-in for an idea or concept with your clients to motivate and create more engaged and productive employees and build a strong team. Be open, share the information and be “other” focused.
What made you great is what will keep you great!
Watch this video to hear my thoughts on this topic.