Do you want feedback? Probably not. You likely don’t want to hear your boss tell you what you already know you should be doing.
Do you need feedback to grow and improve? Yes.

Without honest and constructive feedback, you will not reach your potential, nor will you become aware of the blind spot(s) that may be limiting your success. Maybe getting feedback is not the problem. Perhaps it’s the way it’s presented and communicated to you.
Next time you have a scheduled performance review, try deviating from the standard form and give your manager some input on how you’d like to be reviewed, held accountable and supported. This information will help her or him to communicate, coach and reward you in a manner that will motivate you to improve or keep growing.

Types of feedback you can request from your manager:

  • Appreciation and acknowledgement of what is going well
  • High level and broad input to evaluate your performance and provide context of how you’re contributing to the organizations success, culture or modeling its values
  • Feedback on what needs to improve:
    • Quantitative/objective – Information that is measurable in terms of numbers, percentages, dollars, profits/loss
    • Qualitative/subjective – Things that are observed or sensed such as what they see you do, what they hear and their emotions and intuition
  • Real time input – when something has happened it should be discussed immediately not saved up for a future meeting or an annual review
  • Specific examples of technical knowledge and training required as well as skills, behaviours or attitudes to develop

Give your boss some feedback on how they did. If they’re open and progressive regarding their own development they’ll want feedback from you, so they can improve too.
Performance reviews can also be the launching point for you to enter into a coaching or mentoring relationship with your manager, a colleague or trusted advisor.