History is full of examples of comebacks after personal “failures” such as injury, illness or persecution and set backs or defeats in the public realm of sports, business and politics.
Too often, when facing overwhelming odds or defeat, people and organizations fold and wait for the inevitable.
I’ve concluded based on the challenges I’ve faced in my own life, and those I’ve witnessed others overcome, it’s often more about mindset and will than talent.
If your nose is on the pavement today consider the following as possible alternative options for you.

Factors relating to successful recovery and comebacks are:

  1. Awareness: A realistic understanding and acceptance of what happened and what is required to get back on track. (no sugar coating – just the facts)
  2. Discipline: The ability to stay focused, avoid panic and maintain control.
  3. Flexibility: The understanding of what isn’t working and how it must change.
  4. Faith: Confidence that you aren’t alone. Whether it’s friends, colleagues or a higher power -you look to get the extra support to keep going.
  5. Perspective: It’s not the end of the line. Your current situation can likely be changed with some effort, and a change of your attitude and outlook.
  6. Trust: The knowledge that you and your colleagues/family/ friends will all work together.
  7. Persistence: Many of the greatest successes came about when someone decided to dig-in and give it their all. (I’ve discovered that we usually don’t know what we have available within ourselves until we dig deep and push back – hard.)
  8. Lighten up: Your situation does not reflect your worth as a person. A bad situation doesn’t mean that you are bad or unworthy.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.  Winston Churchill