Somethings never get old – like what people want at work and don’t seem to get enough of from their manager or boss.
I recall reading lists in the past that are similar to the one included below when I was a recruiter and executive search consultant. As recruiters we used this knowledge to our advantage to encourage disgruntled and unappreciated employees to come and meet with us to consider a new job or career opportunity. What was true then, is still true now – employees leave primarily because of their boss not the company.
Many companies have instituted corporate value statements and spent countless hours and dollars training management of the importance and value of creating a positive culture in their department, project team, etc. only to find they are not being implemented well. Positive culture and values really work if those in leadership take this responsibility seriously and make their people a priority for engagement and development.
I spend much of my time coaching bright and very talented individuals to maximize their potential and advance their career only to watch them leave to move to organizations where they believe they will be appreciated, valued and have the chance to grow.
Sadly the most important and often least costly things are not done to make people feel valued and become fully engaged. If you’ve read this list before please read it again and this time think of those you lead and manage and ask yourself – “Am I doing these things for my staff or team?” and “Am I maximizing their potential for success?”
6 things employees need to be engaged and fulfilled:
1. Pride in organization
2. Feeling appreciated
3. Sense of fairness and respect
4. Sense of accomplishment
5. Interesting and meaningful work
6. Positive workplace relationships
Check out the link to read the full article which contains additional perspective and resource on this topic.

“Relationships make or break any job. And the number one reason people stay — or quit — is because of their relationship with their boss,” Aymee Coget