Gimmick marketing and promotion is still alive and well. “If you order within the next hour, we’ll give you two for the price of one and include free shipping! Call now, operators standing by.”
We find this approach to marketing amusing at best and of course we would never fall for something as silly as that, however, some people do. The companies using this approach continue to apply these tactics because they work. Those marketing dissidents also use spam emails, pop-ups on websites and recorded messages autodialing your cell providing a special offer because you’ve been specifically selected out of 7 billion people on this planet.
If your brand requires this approach then you have obviously defined your target market, however for the majority of us, this approach is antithetical to who we are.
Instead of a gimmick, identify and state the positive outcomes, results and value your product or service provides. Share examples of where you have had impact and made a difference minus the jargon.
Try these strategies to connect in a genuine manner:

  • Communicate in a language that is authentic and relatable to your target audience
  • Don’t make false claims or exaggerate the outcomes that you provide
  • Cite success and results actual users or clients have received – even better, have your clients write it for you
  • Offer quantitative and qualitative examples of results to satisfy technical/fact and relationship/feelings based buyers
  • Post interviews and videos of client testimonials that validate your claims. YouTube is perfect for this
  • Share examples where your proprietary systems or new technology have led to breakthroughs and innovation

This approach is well suited for technical and scientifically oriented companies in the professional services sector. Clients, and anyone interested in your firm, want to know more about what you do or provide as well as have a personal connection. Social Media has changed how we communicate and connect with our audiences including clients, users, prospects, employees, and shareholders.
Be authentic and interesting and you won’t require a gimmick.