Those are words I recently read on a canvas of mass produced “art” in a restaurant. We see words and slogans like that everyday. Many people populate their Facebook pages with similar sentiments. There’s nothing wrong with expressing those thoughts as they can be entertaining, humorous and often cause us to pause and reflect. After all, they sound good and who would dare to disagree? Yet, upon closer examination they are often meaningless. Life is not that simple. Changing your thoughts will not change THE world. It may change YOUR world and that may be a good thing for you and those around you.
I’d propose changing your attitude or behaviours as that can lead to real change and growth. Bear in mind that meaningful change is difficult, very difficult for most. Many of us battle a lifetime of habits, beliefs and traditions that we often blindly accept without questioning and pass them on to our children and anyone that will listen.
Think carefully and objectively about what you believe. Does it stand-up to objective assessment and scrutiny? Has it passed the test of time and are the principles, values and moral codes ascribed to it solid? Can you defend it and use it to support significant and critical decisions you make?
It’s been said that people who don’t stand for something can fall for anything. We see evidence of that daily on social media and in opinion polls.  Hopefully what we stand for is based on more than popular sayings, adages and mottos.
Challenge yourself and be open to opposing viewpoints. Don’t dismiss those that question or disagree with you out of hand. They may be helping you examine and test your beliefs. If they can withstand that test they may actually be worth living for.