I still remember my mother telling me “Ralph, tell me who you associate with and I will know who you are”. I didn’t like her saying that to me as a teenager because I knew it was her way of telling me she didn’t approve of some of the people I was hanging out with. Well, my mother passed away years ago; however her voice still resonates in my mind today. In similar fashion to my mother’s suggestions for selecting my friends wisely, I believe it is important for us to intentionally select who we are going to associate with and identify as our friends and peers. Applying that line of thinking to our business and professional lives should lead us to spend time and associate with likeminded people.
These can be professionals who are passionate about creating corporate cultures that are rooted in values and principles or those that are committed to innovating and creating products and services that are cutting edge.
The bottom line is this – by associating with kindred spirits you will grow and achieve new levels of success and growth and not only reach, but often surpass your goals. To hear more about this topic and hear my suggestions for connecting with a positive community of sales professionals, watch this short video where I share my thoughts.