You may have heard the saying “After all is said and done…” Well, there is another part to that saying that is heard less but certainly rings true. “After all is said and done, more is said than done”. There are more clichés that say the same thing – “Talk is cheap” and “actions speak louder than words”. OK, so what’s my point? It’s simply this – most of us, myself included at times, will talk about what we are going to do; where we are going; and what we want to accomplish only to realize nothing has changed except the date on the calendar.
As a coach who helps people maximize their potential and become more successful, I have identified 3 actions to help you become more effective and less stressed.
3 things that will help you get it done:
Think before saying yes.

  • No is a perfectly acceptable answer. If you can’t, don’t want to or know there is someone better qualified than you – just say no. Rather than do a bad job, procrastinate and damage your personal brand and reputation, just say no.

Schedule what you commit / promise to do.

  • If it is important enough to do, and do well, set aside the time, get the resources or tools required, and break the task into achievable and realistic activities and then just do it.

Focus on your sweet spot.

  • If you are someone I coach or familiar with my 3-Q concept of working from the point where your I.Q. / E.Q. / P.Q. align, you’ll realize that is where you are most effective and where you have maximum impact. Unless it’s a task or activity that is included in your job description, focus your efforts and energy to work from your sweet spot as much as possible. Another way of viewing your sweet spot is where your expertise, education, strengths and passion and align to make you incredibly effective. This also increases the probably of things getting done and done well.

After all is said, do more than you said you would, and see what gets done.

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