You are a leader! Whether by title, office or most importantly your actions. In this challenging and anxiety inducing time, what is required are calm, levelheaded and confident leaders we can look to for direction and balanced perspectives. No one has all the answers. No one’s advice will cover all the angles and bases. However, we do know what the research and science is telling us, and we must do it!

In a recent vlog I talked about Controllables and Uncontrollables. (Click here if you are interested in watching it.) We cannot fully control or influence everything that may happen to us, although we can minimize and avoid situations or people that make us sick or weaken us physically, emotionally or relationally.

What we can control is our response to situations. We must control our responses and how we deal with the pandemic because people such as family members, friends, employees, colleagues, customers and various stakeholder groups are looking to us and watching what we do.

Your responsibility now is to not increase or multiply the stress, anxiety and fear. If ever, now is the time for you to be the voice of reason, to the best of your ability. Check the facts from reputable sources, don’t blame “those” people for our situation. Yes, there are those that should have done more and sooner, they didn’t, so let’s deal with the situation we’re in. Blaming others won’t resolve this. Learning from this and working together will.

Something I’m certain of is that each one of us will look back in 2 weeks, one month, six months, one year or more and say, “I should have…”. I will. You will.

Think carefully before you act because what you say or do will have consequences. Some will be visible to you; others will be invisible to you. Nonetheless, what you do will have impact at some level. You can be sure of that. Please make your contribution balanced, positive and constructive. That’s what real leaders do.

How are you going to work through your issues, concerns or fears? Who are you talking to? You are talking to someone trust-worthy, objective and empathetic… right?

As my client, I am committed to support you to the extent you let me. There are things that you need to say or do that may be best shared with me as your trusted advisor or simply as a guy you can talk to openly and honestly. If not me, I hope you share it with someone close to you that you can trust and be open with.

If you’re not a client; don’t have anyone to speak with and want to talk to me, let me know. I am willing to make myself available to help you try and work through things. I don’t have all the answers, but I can offer some ideas or valuable perspective.

Message me and we’ll figure out how to connect for a conversation.

There is a lot of fear and anxiety out there. Its real. Don’t pretend it isn’t. You, me, all of us will get through this if we work together. The superheroes we need right now aren’t the ones in a movie. They live in the apartment next door, the floor above or below you, the house across the street and in YOUR home.


Be smart and carry on safely.