Next Monday is a national holiday in Canada. As a nation, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. It`s good that many of us will gather with family and friends to give thanks for what we have. Most of us will enjoy things we have worked for and earned, materially speaking at least – our home, car, TV, phone etc. I wonder though, how many of us will actually pause and contemplate what we have that is not based on our actions, position or title, but because of the family we were born into; where we live and the prosperity, security and freedom we enjoy. Beyond all the “stuff”, family and friends and the love, respect and support they provide are some the most important things to be grateful for.
An attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving is something that we can embrace on a daily basis not just once a year when the calendar instructs us to. Most, if not everyone reading this, won’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, where they will sleep tonight and if they will have a job next week. There are those among us that will.
I`m including a link to an organization that reaches out and often stoops down to help those that have little hope, support or resources. You may already have one or more organizations you support. If you do – Thank you! If you are considering giving to an organization that will help those amongst us that truly need support consider Union Gospel Mission. My family has been supporting them for many years.
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Give thanks for what you have and thanks in advance for what you may give.