As a former recruiter and someone who still gets asked, “How do I present myself in an upcoming interview?” I’d like to offer some suggestions for maximizing your résumé.
The whole point of résumés and cover letters is to sell your skills. Rather than simply listing the responsibilities and the positions you’ve held (as many candidates do), point out specific ways you’ve made a difference in those roles. Suppose you’re in sales: Did you exceed your annual targets? By what percentage? Or, if you’re a customer service manager, did you reduce the number of complaint calls? How did you do it, and by how much? Quantify whatever achievements you can, and include promotions and other acknowledgments of your success. For example, you may have started as a production manager and after six months taken on full control of the firm’s quality assurance program. Mention accomplishments like that — they reflect the trust you earned and your level of competence.
Will Rogers said “If you’ve done it, it ain’t bragging”.
Learn how to sell and present your strengths and accomplishments in an interview, at a business reception or elevator ride to promote your brand. If you don’t do it, who will?