It doesn’t really matter who you think you are, what really matters is how others perceive you. Their perception of you is their reality.
3 keys to creating a positive brand perception:

  1. Presence – Is yours positive or negative? Do people notice when you enter the room, for the right reasons – smile, positive energy, personal presentation, grooming, sense of fashion and design?
  2. Communication – Can you carry a conversation? Are you interesting, and interested in others? Do people around you feel energized and inspired or drained and depressed after speaking to you? Do you contribute new, innovative and exciting ideas that make the situation or challenge less overwhelming? Do you help others discover new opportunities and possibilities that lead to success?
  3. Value – Do you add value by contributing fresh perspective and insight? Do you make the impossible seem achievable? Do you add oxygen and energy to the room or suck it out? Do you help expand the realm of possibilities and make the clients’ universe larger and more dynamic? If yes, you are adding value!!

The perception of the audience is the interesting part. If the audience doesn’t hear what is going on, is it going on or not? ~ Robert Fripp