People that make a difference by contributing with their time, talents, energy, money and connections are inevitably great networkers. They share many common traits and attributes that get them engaged in their community, schools, churches, sports clubs, professional organizations and more.
What about you? Are you connected? How many names could you write on a piece of paper representing people that not only know you but would respond to your phone call, email or text? Many of us “know” a lot of people but in reality they are nothing more than acquaintances, a Facebook Friend or LinkedIn contact.
Much has been written on this topic but a quick refresher never hurts. Scan the list, pick one and do it. That’s it – just one.

5 Keys to Successful Networking:

1. Do it because you “want” to, not because you “need” to

  • People can tell if you see them as a means to an end and if it’s all about you. They also know when you really want to help others – that’s when they respond.

2. Give – just because

  • Don’t give expecting a return. Do it just because it helps others and makes your corner of the universe better. BTW – you always get something in return but often not what you expected or when you want it – usually its better!

3. Be the center of your network

  • You must be actively involved and on center stage. You can’t network from the sidelines or only via social media. Be a real person that is out meeting and connecting with other real people.

4. Be approachable

  • At an event, step-up, look people in the eye and connect. People will remember how you make them feel so smile and be genuine. (Standing in a corner with your hands in your pockets looking at your shoes doesn’t count as networking. That’s’ called weird).

5. Find your passion

  • Get involved with people, organizations and groups that share whatever your passion is. Find others that want to make a change, have impact and work together with them.

A successful networker is a powerful world changer. Be one!