“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” – I’ve heard this phrase countless times over the years. Yet, each time I hear it, I pause and think of what I stand for in terms of my values, the principles I live by, how I treat others, the choices I make and how they impact others. If my goal is solely to be popular, liked and followed, it’s easy to be a contributing source of “noise” and add to the existing din.
If I aspire to be different while not intentionally creating dissension or polarization, I must select my moments to contribute and ensure they have impact and provide objective and positive perspective, even if it goes against the mainstream.
Be different to contribute not to annoy and antagonize.
Each of us must choose what we base our thoughts and actions on. This is worth thinking about, carefully. Independent thinking is critical. We can fall into the trap “if everyone likes it or approves it, I should too”. Perhaps, or maybe not. Group think, tribe pressure and the desire to be accepted often clouds our thinking and we end up falling for what is popular, easy, or politically correct rather than being an independent thinker.

What do you stand for?