Some companies change their colours and logos to what’s trending or popular not because it reflects who they are; rather, because everyone in their space is doing it. Orange is the new black, oops not anymore, black is back, and so it goes.
Core values can also shift to reflect the new corporate colour. Values will move from people, to stakeholders, then customers and then back to people again. All the while, the only one benefiting from the changes is the creative agency that’s getting the fees for innovating while everyone else gets confused.
Harkening back to the 70’s, British rockers The Who, asked the question “Who are you? We really wanna know.”
If you’re an employee with an orange, blue, yellow or green firm, rise above the fad and current colour scheme and define what your clients can expect from YOU! In their eyes, you are the brand, the product and the experience. Be clear on what value YOU deliver because in the end that’s what matters most to them.
“Who are you? We really wanna know.”