About Kison

Established in 1991, Kison Inc. offers organizational and employee development services and programs to businesses and individuals committed to achieving their full potential and creating a high-performance culture.

Ralph provides services in consulting, advisory and coaching roles to organizational leaders and executives.

His specialties include working with professional services firms and specifically architecture, engineering and construction sectors (AEC).

His extensive experience in those markets inspired Ralph to create a proprietary e-learning program designed to address and resolve their unique challenges.

Delivering transformation through
learning and development

As the focus shifts towards human engagement and contribution in the workplace, employees are seeking more meaningful and purpose filled work.

Motivated by his passion for empowering individuals and organizations, Ralph develops and equips your most valuable resource, your employees, managers and leaders, to be the best they can be. He enables organizational transformation from the inside out.

The result is engaged, motivated employees and a best in class culture ideally positioned to address the challenges of the digital era.

Delivering more than words… measurable outcomes.



Ralph brings a compelling combination of experience, wisdom, creative thinking, passion
and commitment to enable the development and growth of his clients.

“Through your coaching we have been impressed by your honest and productive feedback for our executives and line managers. I have personally found our one-on-one meetings very insightful for my own development and valued your opinion on individual development opportunities that you recognize for our management staff.”

~ Kerry Gillis, COO
Ledcor Construction Ltd


we do

Ralph’s experience in guiding individuals and organizations to success has instilled in him the values and insight which are critical to enhancing communication and delivering sustainable outcomes.

Customized Learning
through Professional
Development Programs

Partnering with Ralph creates a pathway for employee development in your organization by creating an environment for learning and growth.

The result is competent, confident and highly engaged employees and a culture focused on continuous learning, development and personal accountability.