Pro.file Performance System (PPS) – Employee and Job Profiling

Numerous studies and surveys of CEO’s, managers, and human resource practitioners confirm that the recruitment and retention of high performing staff continues to be a strategic and operational priority.  Those same people would overwhelmingly agree that selecting the right person to “fit” into their organization, and providing a motivating environment for staff are two of the crucial components contributing to high performance.  Organization leaders concur that high performance is most often distinguished by a combination of distinctive characteristics and attitude.  They also agree that the best combination of characteristics and attitude may vary considerably from job to job, as well as from organization to organization.  The bottom line is organizations want to get the right person in the right job.  The most valuable information an organization can surface about an individual is their predictive behavior.

The more comprehensive an organization can become in understanding the predictive behavior of individuals, the more effective and successful they will be in recruitment, promotion, career development, management, and succession planning.  The more skilled and efficient an organization can become in identifying the characteristics required for internal jobs, and carefully measuring those same characteristics in individuals, the more that they will attract, retain, and be able to develop high performing people.

A key component of improving organizational effectiveness is to become more skillful and effective in selecting and placing the right people in the right jobs within the organization.

Performance and Job Profiling

The Organizational Performance Pro.file (OPP) and Job Performance Pro.file (JPP) programs not only significantly improve the ability to identify and assess characteristics and attitudes of positions and people, they also markedly improve the quality and relevance of the information that comes from the interviewing and reference checking processes.  By asking for responses specific to traits and behaviors revealed in the OPP profile, valuable insight and understanding is obtained regarding performance potential and ability.

The OPP and JPP software enables organizations to instantly prepare a profile on any position or person utilizing server based technology.

There are no limitations on the level or type of positions in which this technology can be used.  Application includes entry level positions to the most sophisticated executive levels in large organizations.

Organizational Performance Pro.file (OPP) Process Overview

The Organizational Performance Pro.file (OPP) Survey is a multiple-choice word pair survey that is completed by an individual in approximately 15 minutes.  The survey responses are processed through an on-line program that provides a written report highlighting the individual’s characteristics, along with two graphical summaries of the individual’s Traits and Adjusted Job Behaviours.  Embedded within the graphical summaries is a higher level of understanding and insight into an individual’s characteristics.  Clients are facilitator trained to interpret and translate the information for: selection, promotion, recruitment, career development, management, and succession planning discussions.  The most valuable contribution of the OPP profile is to enable organizations to more consistently and comprehensively predict work related behaviours.

Job Performance Pro.file (JPP) Process Overview

All positions have a personality – that is, some specific combination of characteristics that are most effective in carrying out that work.  The Job Performance Pro.file (JPP) is a questionnaire based process that enables organizations to clarify and agree on the best combination of characteristics/competencies for any of their given jobs.  The process involves identifying a number of people who would be most familiar with a specific job in an organization.  Typically this would include an incumbent, some direct reports (if applicable), some peers, and the supervisor/manager.  A number of these individuals would be asked to independently complete a JPP Questionnaire.  The participants would then meet to discuss & compare their responses, and collaborate in the identification of a set of responses that best defines & captures the position.  The JPP software would process the agreed upon responses into a job behavioural profile for review and approval by the group.  The job behavioural profile would then become a model to be used for a number of initiatives: recruitment, selection, promotion, career development, management, and succession planning.