Written Testimonials

Stuart Olson Construction has been working with Ralph Kison since 2001 engaging him and his firm Kison Inc., to provide a range of services from leading corporate strategy meetings; facilitating partnering sessions with clients, consultants and trades; teaching presentation skills; and customizing and delivering our in-house Professional Services Program and Winning the Job business development program.

Ralph’s Sales and Service Diamond programs have been used extensively throughout the company with the majority of our employees having attended the training programs. The diamond model created a common language and consistent approach for dealing with clients, consultants, trades and various stakeholder groups to achieve
outcomes that model the values of our corporate Blueprint, which is
built on the foundation of lasting relationships.

My work with Ralph has primarily focused on the area of business development to create strategies to secure sole sourced work for Stuart Olson through to pursuing and winning RFP’s. Ralph and I have worked closely to customize and deliver our programs. His training and coaching has positively impacted Stuart Olson’s ability to secure more profitable work. I would conservatively estimate that our work with Ralph has increased our bottom line by 25 percent.

Paul Polson, Vice President

Stuart Olson Inc.

I want to thank you for your work this year in developing and delivering our customized claims course, “Rising to the Competitive Challenge.” The course material you developed was exactly what we had requested, and you delivered it in a very enthusiastic and entertaining way. Many of the participant evaluations commented on how energizing and uplifting the course was.

I was also impressed with the way you adapted to feedback and were able to make immediate changes to the course based on my needs, and the needs of our participants. You certainly “walked the talk” when it came to responding to the client, and for that I thank you.

John Dickinson

ICBC Greater Vancouver West


ParkLane Homes is one of the largest and most recognized residential developers in Western Canada with a commitment to building “Excellence in Every Detail”. Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of meeting the ever changing needs of the marketplace.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ralph Kison for the last 10 years in my capacity of VP of Sales and Marketing for ParkLane Homes. Ralph has provided services ranging from a keynote speaker at our AGM, facilitating strategic planning session and most recently working with our sales team. It is in that role where Ralph’s contribution has been the most significant. Since 2007, he has been conducting sales training sessions to increase the sales team’s capacity to deliver a superior sales and service experiences for our ParkLane customers.

Ralph’s positive attitude and strong alignment with ParkLane’s culture and values has resulted in him being well respected throughout the sales organization. I would not hesitate to recommend Ralph and Kison Inc. to any organization that is looking for proven, results driven professional sales program for their organization.

Kison has developed an understanding for our business and has earned the trust and respect of our employees as a valuable and knowledgeable resource.

Gary Marshall

ParkLane Homes


You did an outstanding job taking a 3 (or even 4) day program and condensing it into 2 days for us – or as you so aptly phrased it “on steroids”. While in hindsight I would not suggest we do this in the future, I believe that we have enough ammunition to move quicker in the field than ever before.

Your methodology was solid and the team really found you to be easy to work with, a big fear for our management team at the onset. I believe your experience in sales and your past history in consumer packaged goods made it much easier for you to relate to our team thus they accepted things easier.

Tim Moore

Concord National Inc.


CanWel Distribution Ltd. Is one of Canada’s leading distributors of building materials and related products, serving the Retail and Industrial markets. At CanWel, we are creating solutions for retail and secondary manufacturing customers coast to coast in Canada. We have been built on a solid foundation to meet the ever changing needs of the marketplace.

CanWel is focused on sales growth and has an effective sales training program. This corporate strategy has contributed to an aggressive sales force geared towards top line growth for CanWel.

Part of our success can be attributed to our employee training which Kison Inc. has been a key contributor. We are very pleased to partner with Kison Inc. to assist us with our training and development initiatives across Canada for both English and French staff.

Areas the Kison team has been very successful in assisting us with since 1999 include:

  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Culture Shift Initiative
  • Executive Management to Supervisors
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Train the Coach
  • Personality Style Profiling

Kison has developed an understanding of our business and has earned the trust and respect of our employees as a valuable and knowledgeable internal resource.

Kathy Poon

CanWel Distribution Ltd.


“Ralph is a partner that is indispensible. His work and input is game changing.” 

Neil Georget



I would like to extend a warm “Thank You” to you and your staff for facilitating our recent outbound calling sales training day.

Your collaborative approach in preparing for the day, by getting to know our staff and their job in advance, enabled us to use our time in a most productive manner. In addition, by involving the people with the process, they in turn were engaged throughout the day in a very positive way. What’s more, the enthusiasm and energy your staff brings to the session made the learning a fun and therefore more memorable experience.

Shelley Carlin



Now that the Total Member Satisfaction Sales and Service Program has been up and running for over a year, I wish to express my appreciation for the significant contributions you made to its success. As you have no doubt heard from Dwight, we have created a definite winner with phase I and II of this program.

The excellent results are the outcome of a very strong team effort in both development and delivery. Your content, expertise, curriculum development skills, sound advice and solid patience were critical factors in the success of the program. Sincere thanks for your efforts.

John Evans



The SAL Division of Seaboard Life Insurance has a unique group of individuals that continually search for ways to be more effective. Whether that means directly benefiting the Company, the customer or their family.

As Regional Manager for the Prairies I strongly believe in personal development. As all of us grow personally, we make adjustments to enhance our performance, our attitudes and ourselves.

Kison Inc. has had an impact on our Regional staff whereby our commitment to the business has strengthened our rapport with our client base, mutual respect is fostered and our overall results are proof that it works.

Our intent is to have you continue to play an active role in our development.

David L. Steward

Industrial Alliance Pacific – SAL Group


My name is Hugh Lewis and as Director for construction for Ivanhoe Cambridge’s Western Region, I am responsible for hiring both consultants and contractors for large re-developments of our commercial properties. Along with this, the coordination and cooperation of my team working through various roadblocks and typical project setbacks, is critical to our success. We were approximately half-way through a $300M development when I was introduced to Ralph Kison of Kison Inc.

As we were on the verge of kicking off the second phase of this significant re-development, it made sense to arrange a session with the team and Ralph in order to ensure our collective direction was in alignment and our communication skills were where I needed them to be to maintain our effectiveness in execution.

From the outset, Ralph was very helpful in identifying what it was we needed to achieve at our session, and with ongoing collaboration Ralph was able to create a framework and agenda that addressed our needs perfectly. It was done in a way that effectively reached all the members of the team.

The feedback from my team was all positive, as Ralph excels at involving and engaging the entire group. His strength in working with varied personalities and priorities made the session a success.

If you are planning a team focusing and alignment session, and require both someone to assist you in understanding and identifying what you needs and goals are, and facilitate, I highly recommend working with Ralph Kison.

Hugh Lewis

Ivanhoe Cambridge


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with Kison Inc. and Ralph Kison since 1999 in my capacity as Vice President of North American Sales for Ryzex. The relationship has been that of a true business partnership where Kison Inc. and Ralph as the lead trainer have served as a key contributor in Ryzex’s overall People Development plan.

Business partnerships are developed by having key partners who make an effort to understand the client’s organization and their business and provide support to achieve the stated goals. From our initial meetings and throughout the relationship, Kison Inc. has been a true business partner with Ryzex.

Kison Inc. has provided professional development in many areas of our company. Each session that was held received outstanding feedback from the participants. Kison Inc. has been recognized as a part of the Ruzex team.

The major areas where Ralph provided assistance were:

  • Priority Management and Goal setting
  • Selling Skills
  • Closing Skills
  • Motivation and Organization Management

Ralph Kison’s passion for his work, positive attitude, and strong alignment with Ryzex culture, has resulted in him being respected throughout the Ryzex organization, but more importantly, the concepts and skills developed are being applied by our sales force. I would recommend Kison Inc. to any organization that is looking for a committed partner that will not only work to find unique solutions, but someone who will also challenge you to raise the bar for performance.

Tim Amex



I have had the pleasure of knowing and closely working with Ralph Kison for the last 4 years in my capacity of Director, People Development and Communications for Mohawk Oil Co. Ltd. The relationship has been that of a true business partnership where Ralph has served as a key component in Mohawk’s overall People Development philosophy and programs. True business partnerships involve having key partners who fully understand the organization and the business and provide support to the overall vision and direction of the company in a customized and appropriate format. The focus is not on just selling a program. From my initial meeting with Ralph and throughout the relationship, it was obvious the he has been a true business partner with Mohawk.

Over the past few years, Ralph has provided educational support in many areas of our company. Each session that was held received outstanding feedback from the participants. Ralph has been recognized throughout Mohawk as a part of the Mohawk People Development team. Even some skeptical managers were extremely impressed with the results of the education sessions that were offered to their employees.

In addition, Ralph was able to work effectively in all areas of the company from plant workers to sales people to managers. The major areas where Ralph provided assistance are highlighted below:

  • Ethanol manufacturing plant in Minnedosa, Manitoba – Management Development
  • Credit Services Team – Sales Development, Telephone Skills, Motivation, Customer Service
  • Lubricants Sales Group – Comprehensive Sales Development Skills and Strategies
  • Management Development – Education for a varied group of Mohawk’s mid-level managers as well as keynote dinner addresses
  • Retail Partner Education and Development – Sales and Customer Service programs for Mohawk’s new and existing Retail Partners including keynote dinner speeches

Ralph’s positive attitude and strong alignment with the Mohawk culture and values in everything he has done for the company has resulted in him being respected throughout the Mohawk organization. I would not hesitate to recommend Ralph and Kison Inc. to any organization who is looking for leading edge, fast paced and exciting education development programs for the people within their organization.

Neil B. Zambik

Mohawk Oil Co. Ltd.


On behalf of the sussexinsurance.com’s management group, I would like to extend our appreciation for the Business Essentials Program.

In terms of the development stage, I was extremely pleased with the ability of your organization to prepare a value-added package based on the needs of our management team while also maintaining focus on our agreed core objectives: business development, target focus and sales management. Further, your delivery of the seminar supported a positive group experience, including extensive active participation.

As we move into the New Economy, The Business Essentials Program highlighted the need for integrating on customer focus, strategic planning, marketing and sales management into a unified business strategy.

On behalf of myself and my colleagues, we thank you for your expertise and personal commitment to sussexinsurance.com. We highly recommend you and your firm to those organizations committed to acquiring the skills and knowledge to perform at high levels.

Nolan Cooney



“Through encouragement, a new vocabulary related to leadership in the workplace, and a toolbox for identifying personal strengths and priorities, Ralph has helped me identify ways I can improve my day-to-day work environment and contribute to building a stronger company.”

Cordelia Crockett



I just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you on the Young Engineers in ASHRAE Leadership Weekend earlier this year. When we first started our collaboration six months before the weekend, I had no doubt the event would be a success because you were so energetic, knowledgeable, and accommodating to our wants and needs. Then, once you arrived on-site and started your session, it was obvious you had put so much time and energy into creating an experience that would truly resonate with our group. It was an amazing weekend.

You should also know that we asked the participants to fill out a survey before they left at the end of the weekend. They were given a rating scale of 1-5, with one being a low rating and five being a high rating. The weekend was rated an incredibly impressive 4.8 out of 5! We have never received such positive feedback. There was also an opportunity for participants to write in their own comments, and my personal favorite was “More Ralph!” Further, there were many comments about how specific aspects of the weekend were “life-changing”; participants particularly enjoyed the “why” session, creating a personal branding strategy and value proposition (everyone loved the cereal box exercise!) and, of course, mind mapping was a huge hit because it can be used for both the personal and professional parts of everyone’s lives. Your ability to reach all 35 participants on an individual level has made this event a “Can’t Miss” for our young engineers, and I very much look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Colleen Knight



Stuart Olson Dominion is pleased to recognize your valuable contribution to our company’s continuous growth and learning over the past 10 years. Key contributions include the development of our corporate identity statement, “The Blueprint”, and our on-going “Professional Service” and “Building Our Future” programs.

The result of these programs is a strong company culture built on long lasting relationships with clients, consultants and trades and value-added services that distinguish Stuart Olson Dominion from other contractors.

Doug Harrison

Stuart Olson Dominion Construction Ltd.