Professional Service Program – Construction Firm

A major Canadian construction company undertook a strategic repositioning initiative. A key component of the process was an organizational renewal initiative and the creation of a people development program. With the corporate vision and culture clearly defined, related H.R. and employee development efforts focused on revising job descriptions and creating core competencies to provide a solid foundation for conducting annual performance reviews and the necessary employee development and coaching. In order to equip employees to meet the new standards, a Professional Service Program was created to teach the skills required in the areas of communication and client service, to meet company standards and deliver a superior experience for all stakeholders.


  • The executive leadership team wanted to differentiate the firm from their competitors by developing strong client and trade relationships by creating a culture of superior service.
  • Differentiate the company’s brand and market perception based on application of non-traditional industry leading practices.
  • Create a common service culture and framework to be applied in the office and on the job site.
  • Develop and implement a training program to teach staff how to deliver a consistent experience to all stakeholders.
  • Create reference resources to reinforce the training and equip leaders and managers within the office and the field, to continually refresh, reinforce and coach staff to apply the concepts and deliver a consistent experience to all stakeholders.


  • Together with the Senior Vice President, we developed a two day program which introduced the corporate culture, values, and best practices. All office and field staff attended the program to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills to apply with all stakeholders.
  • Case studies were customized for each job category. Participants were required to complete one for their position and apply the professional service model, communication principles and company values in a role play to ensure understanding.
  • A follow-up quiz ensures participants have a solid knowledge and understanding of program concepts to obtain credit for attending the program.


  • Clearly defined standards and best practices for communication, customer service which align with the core competencies for all roles.
  • Improved customer service and communication standards leading to better understanding between internal and external stakeholders.

The result of the program is a strong corporate culture that creates lasting relationships with clients, consultants and trades enhancing the firms brand and reputation.