Professional Selling Skills Program – National Building Products Distribution Firm

Professional Selling Skills Program

National Building Products Distribution Firm
(Industrial, Retail, Hardware Divisions)

The client made a strategic decision to reposition itself, beginning with corporate restructuring and rebranding. A key component of the organizational renewal process was the creation of a people development program. Revised job descriptions, core competencies, and a new annual performance review program laid the foundation for the development of a professional sales and service program. This program was a key component of the company advancing to become one of the top 3 firms in the Canadian market place.


  • Develop an integrated framework for a national, bi-lingual professional sales and service program.
  • Create a customized 3-Module, bi-lingual sales/service training program in conjunction with the Executive leadership team, selected product specialists and regional managers and top sales representatives.
  • Reinforce the training by creating a Train-the-Trainer program to enable in branch review and coaching.


  • Involved the President, Vice President of Sales and Director of Human Resources.
  • Customized a 3-Module Training program addressing:
    • Process
    • Skills
    • Value Creation
    • Differentiation
  • Create a steering committee comprised of Management, Product Managers, and top Inside and Outside sales staff to assist in the customization.


  • Common sales process established in both official languages.
  • Customized sales, client ranking, service levels based on sales and presentation protocols.
  • Manager and internal trainers’ handbook for in-branch/ in-field coaching and reinforcement.
  • Increased market and customer share in all markets and regions.
  • Applied the program to all new acquisitions resulting in consistent sales and service model to ensure consistent sales/service experience for all customers.
  • Increase brand equity and customer trust through consistent sales/service experience.