Emerging Leaders Program – Global Design Firm

The Vice President of the British Columbia Region of a global design firm created an emerging leaders group to receive one-on-one coaching and specialized resources to accelerate their career development. High potential employees were selected from the disciplines of engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, environmental services and project management. The emerging leaders were provided with resources to develop and leverage their E.Q. and related skills such as relationship building, communication and business development.


  • To engage young professionals seeking opportunities for increased responsibility, creativity, and the ability to learn new skills.
  • Create a defined path for advancement and provide the resources for employees to develop their soft skills top further leverage their technical abilities.
  • Create a dynamic and positive work environment were ambitious and talented individuals become fully engaged.
  • Create a culture that reinforces and enhances the firm’s position as an industry leader that delivers high quality and high value services leading to long term sustainable relationships.


  • Utilize psychometric (personality) profiles and strengths inventories to identify and leverage participant’s natural abilities and skills.
  • Identify natural “Initiators” and “Implementers” and provide appropriate development and coaching to enable individuals to achieve optimal performance levels personally and professionally by playing to their natural strengths and abilities.
  • Define personal/professional goals and customize a development plan for each participant to utilize for coaching and accountability.
  • Facilitate interaction and dialogue between “Boomers”, Gen X and Gen Y members to close or reduced gaps between managers or other key senior staff who have the potential to serve as mentors.
  • Applying the learning and development from the program to identify opportunities and initiatives for the group to lead or participate in.
  • Conduct monthly group meetings to foster trust and create a team identity and culture which leads to team engagement in activities that expand their boundaries, create growth opportunities.
  • Conduct monthly one-on-one coaching sessions to equip, challenge and support participants to achieve their professional and personal leadership development goals.


  • All participants have advanced their careers and personal brand within the company and professional community.
  • Many participants have been promoted into practice area, regional or national leadership roles with increased responsibility and influence.
  • The Emerging Leaders program has resulted in greater awareness and commitment to engaging younger employees and those aspiring into roles of people or technical leadership throughout the organization.
  • Greater awareness of the value of “soft” skills in a technical environment and the significant impact on employee engagement resulting in enhanced creativity, innovation and thought leadership are beginning to impact the North American operations.
  • The program is helping to transform the company and created an integrated approach to employee recruitment, development and retention of highly skilled and talented employees positively impacting succession planning.
  • Building of strong relationships between a diverse group of individuals from various divisions and sectors has resulted in increased trust, mutual understanding and respect which has fostered a spirit collaboration and strong sense and commitment for a group win and success rather than using the using the relationships with colleagues to simply advance further personal agendas and goals.
  • Results include increased profits and revenue, new work, new business opportunities and a larger professional network, employee retention, cross departmental connections and enhanced corporate profile.
  • Millions of dollars of business from new clients and increased work from existing clients have been directly attributed to the impact of the leadership development program.