Corporate Mission/Values Statement – Construction Firm

The President of a major Canadian construction firm championed an organizational renewal and strategic repositioning initiative which at its heart included a new corporate identity statement. We conducted planning meetings with the executive leadership team and facilitated a one day strategy session involving employees representing every branch, and all key job roles, to obtain their input in order to shape the company’s future. Using the session findings, a team refined the content and created a document referred to as the “Blueprint”. This document defines the firm’s mission, core values and commitment to best practices and principles and conduct.


  • Assist the client to redefine the company’s industry position, strategic direction, and value proposition in order to transform and differentiate itself in the marketplace.
  • Create a Blueprint document outlining the new corporate culture and values
  • Achieve employee buy-in and support in order to reposition the firm as an industry leader that delivers quality and value which leads to long term sustainable relationships through the actions of its people.


  • Facilitate a strategy session where the company’s culture, values and principles for conduct would be defined and shaped “by the people, for the people”.
  • A session was conducted with employees representing every major employee group in the firm including administration, finance, estimating, safety, project management and superintendents to solicit their input.
  • Using the input from the employees, a document described as the “Blueprint” was created. The document contained the tag line, core values and an outline of how the company was committed to interacting with everyone from clients, contractors, employees through to the community.


  • The Blueprint has provided the foundation for creating a culture that ensures internal and external stakeholders communicate and work together in a professional and respectful manner.
  • The Blueprint has transformed the company and created a unified approach for recruiting, employee training and development, succession planning and seeking clients with similar values.
  • The result of the program is a strong corporate culture that creates lasting relationships with clients, consultants and trades enhancing the firms brand and reputation.