Personal Branding – You as the Product©

Personal branding is much more than self-promotion. To build a successful personal brand, self-awareness and honesty with yourself is critical. If you do not know what you stand for, then you will not be able to clearly communicate or articulate the value that you offer clients.



What is your USP?


How does your passion and your values differentiate you from your competitor?


The answers to these questions will help you gain more self-awareness and understanding into how you can personally create value for your clients, your company and those with whom you interact or serve.

Overcoming Limitations to Achieve Your Product’s Full Potential

When you let fear and the accompanying stress control your thinking, you become afraid of trying something new or taking risks. Many people sabotage their own success because of perceived weaknesses or inabilities.

Fear – What is it?  Fear is something that each of us deals with on a daily basis.  We have fears that relate to our family, our health, our job, our future and every area of our life. We must overcome these fears, or at the very least not let them hinder our ability to realize our full potential.

Fear has been described as False, Expectations, Appearing, Real.

When we are worried or afraid of a particular situation, we will often concentrate on the problem or weakness to the point where we are unable to look for solutions or options.  Conversely, if you want to deal with, and overcome, your fear and self-limiting beliefs, it is critical to work through the problem and identify a solution.

The first step in dealing with fear is acknowledging that there are issues or situations that limit your effectiveness or even immobilize you.  Once the fear factor is identified and isolated you can begin to take steps to minimize and even eliminate it.