Leadership for Professionals

Although confident in their technical skills, knowledge of their firm’s services and industry trends, many professionals may be uncomfortable or ill equipped to assert and promote themselves and their value in a confident manner. The ability to lead a client meeting, project team or even a conversation in a social setting is an essential skill required by all aspiring or established professionals.

This presentation provides a personal development frame work for individuals aspiring to, or required to lead others, by applying an integrity-based leadership approach. The process begins by defining their purpose and “why”, understanding the influence of personality and creating a personal leadership brand. Using group and personal exercises, participants will discover their intrinsic purpose and motivation, understand their personality traits and how they influence and impact leadership and begin creating a personal leadership brand plan. Typical outcomes for attendees are greater awareness, and taking ownership of their innate skills and strengths culminating in the ability to confidently present themselves as a leader and valuable resource to peers and colleagues.

“Your business and results are a reflection of you. Your business and results will grow in direct proportion to your own growth.”
James A. Ray

Claim Your Why

The best leaders operate on the basis of “Why”. Focusing solely on issues such as how, what, when and where can greatly impair the ability to lead and result in activities that resemble management more so than leadership. Inspiring leaders and great organizations work from the inside out and communicate their purpose with passion and clarity achieving results that are sustainable and game changing.

  • Claim your ”Why” – your purpose, beliefs, why you exist and care. Lead based on principle.
  • State your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Your “How/What/When/Who/Where” defines your leadership style and approach and what differentiates you.
The Influence of Personality

Personality is a key factor for achieving true leadership success. Understanding a person’s natural traits and tendencies, and whether they are an implementer or initiator, can be a determining factor for their success.

  • Understanding the role personality traits have on leadership effectiveness.
  • Understanding how a person’s “hard wiring” impacts their natural ability and style of leadership.
  • Leveraging strengths and minimize/delegating weaknesses – the key to success!
Your Leadership Brand – YOU as the Product©

The most effective and successful leaders realized early in their career that they are responsible for their success. Top leaders intentionally create a personal brand.

  • Building your brand within your company, industry, society, etc.
  • Your brand within your community – company, market, sector, etc.
  • Personal Cereal Box exercise and brand presentation as a group exercise