Presentation Skills

What would it mean to you to have every speech or presentation you delivered be successful in persuading your audience and achieving your goals?

For many people, the biggest barrier holding them back from realizing that next level of success is their presentation skills, or lack thereof. Your presentation to your team, your board, your client, or your potential client could very well determine whether or not you get that promotion, that lease renewal, or that project you worked months on for the proposal.

You may have a fear of public speaking or you may love a captive audience, but don’t know how to connect with them. If you are a novice, intermediate, or even an advanced business presenter, you can benefit from our Presentation Skills Workshop. You will learn how to design and deliver a great presentation. We help you address:

  • Preparing and conducting formal and informal presentations – e.g. when do you use a PowerPoint presentation or will a white board or even a napkin be more effective?
  • Key speech elements: Structure, Content, and Delivery
  • Audience engagement and persuasion – reaching the “Head, Heart and Gut”
  • Be remembered – creating a positive first impression with effect
  • Utilize and manage key elements of effective delivery for presentations that deliver impact

Customized Learning

Do you have an important presentation you need help with? Kison can customize this workshop to address your goals and requirements specific to your presentation. We will work with your team to help you structure your framework, identify and develop your content, and polish your delivery to engage, persuade, and impact your audience for targeted results. We understand how hard you’ve worked to reach this stage with your prospect; make sure you go into your presentation with the competence and confidence to win your client and the work.